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Welcome to Hubryde!

We are Hubryde Limited – A transportation-technology company leveraging innovative technology to solve mobility problems in growing cities in Africa.

We are improving commuting experiences by helping people commute safely and comfortably in a smart and budget-friendly manner..



A seamless and stress-free ride is just a tap away

No Individual deserves commuting stress

A seamless and stress-free ride is just a tap away

We know you want it!

You deserve all the comfort you can get

Why Ride With Hubryde

Safe & Reliable Pick-Up Service

Hubryde assures all commuters of safe, prompt, and convenient pick-up services at their designated bus stop. Once you request your ride, you would receive the following details: bus arrival time, plate number, and a unique ride access code to identify your bus. The unique ride access code is a safety feature designed to ensure that you are on the right bus.

Budgeting & Cost Saving

With Hubryde, you can commute in style, convenience, and save more. Hubryde allows you to create a stable transportation budget on a weekly or monthly basis, thereby reducing transportation expenses and maximizing your income to create wealth through savings and investments in things that really matter to you.

Corporate Networking

Riding with Hubryde avails you the opportunity to meet and interact with like-minded individuals while you commute across the metropolis. We believe that your network is your net worth. Let's Move. Together.

What Customers Say?

For me, the smoothness and ease of loading my wallet was it. Good job

Michael Olurunfemi

Fantastic, transport made easy.

Lamzey Aribido

Great bus experience, Air conditioned😍. Y'all should give it a shot.

Michael Ajanaku

An executive ride with small money. It's worth it

Fashion Freak

Your FLA on the Ogba-Ajah route is doing a great Job.

Yemisi Ahmed

kudos to your FLA charity, I enjoy the comfort of Hubryde, you people are excellent compared to other rides. Keep it up

Rita-Anne Ofuani

First, I'd like to commend your services. I took your bus from Ikorodu to VI today and I really liked it.👍


Your service is a good initiative but you need to expand routes. Good work!


Yea I do enjoy my rides with Hubryde