Our Brand Story

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We are Hubryde Limited – A transportation-technology company leveraging innovative technology to move people from the point of desire to the point of fulfilling a need.

Hubryde employs transportation models such as ridesharing, bus-hailing, and park and ride in solving global mobility problems specifically in urban settlements, and is poised at meeting the travel demands of Africans, with Lagos (Nigeria) being her pioneer market.

Africa’s teeming population, estimated to reach 2.48 billion people by 2050 and 59.8% projected to be living in urban areas, is fast becoming a reality, and sooner, business hubs and tourist cities will become more congested, and commuting will get worse.

Whilst there is a growing number of private cars competing for roadway, an unjustified increase in transport fare during peak travel hours, commuters waiting tirelessly at the bus stop, and a chunk of the populace commuting in poorly maintained buses daily, it is surprising to know that some individuals and companies who own state-of-the-art buses find it challenging to optimize their assets. They suffer bureaucratic contract processes, longer sales cycles, low asset optimization, and delayed payments.

We decided to revolutionize this space and launched a digital platform in January 2020 to connect asset owners with commuters, thereby improving the commuting experience and helping asset owners to optimize their buses without burdening them with unnecessary paperwork and fostering reliable access to prompt payment, stable and consistent revenue.

Hubryde transportation service is driven by technological innovation, laced with human empathy – Commuter’s safety & satisfaction first!

At Hubryde, we believe commuting should be stress-free and seamless and, that is why we take on commuting problems to help people commute comfortably and safely in a manner that suits their style and budget.


To become the leading innovative and sustainable transport solution provider that delivers comfortable and safe rides within cities.


To provide a seamless platform to help people move comfortably and safely within cities in a manner that suits their style and budget.

Hubryde Unique Value Proposition:

Innovation x Empathy at the intersection of Africa’s Transportation Challenges.

Brand Purpose Statement

Hubryde is strongly committed to helping commuters meet their travel needs in time, get more productive at the things that really matter, and making life easier for all.

Our Safety Policy & Commitment

Safety First! we wouldn’t compromise on the safety of our passengers, drivers, and every stakeholder in our value chain. We ensure that we adhere strictly to all safety rules and guidelines.