The Hubryde revolutionary tech-enabled transport solution for commuters comes with flexible payment plans that provide you with the opportunity to take a comfortable trip regardless of your budget. By downloading the App here and signing up with your details, click the manage subscription tab on the home page to select your chosen subscription plan, then click on subscribe, voila! You can now request a ride at your convenience, within the pick-up hours.

As a customer-centric brand with a very efficient customer support team, we understand that individual needs vary and you probably have a budget for your daily and monthly use of public transportation. We factored this into the subscription plans to provide you with a budget-friendly, convenient and safe trip.

Hubryde subscription plan comes in different packages designed to suit your transportation need. The plan only covers a one-way trip to allow flexibility. This implies that users can buy a morning and evening plan separately and at the same time.

If you are already an Hubryder, you can upgrade to a subscription plan of your choice and if you are about to join Hubryde for a smooth ride experience, below are the available subscription plans:

1. Easy-Go: This plan allows you to buy just a single trip from as low as N200 - N650 depending on your travel distance within the city. This is ideal for individuals with multiple reporting locations or who are working remotely and seldom commute within the city. Eazy Go

2. 2-Sure: This plan offers 2 trips ideal for 2 working days from as low as N400 - N1,400. 2 Sure

3. Trois: Just like 2-sure, the Trois subscription plan allows Hubryders to take 3 trips estimated from N600 - N1,950 depending on your destination. The Trois subscription plan is ideal for 3 working days. Trois

4. 5-Aside: If you desire a plan that will be sufficient for the whole 5 working days in a week, then this plan is ideal for you. 5-Aside allows subscribers to take 5 trips with ride fare from N1,000 - N3,250. 5 Aside

5. Kampe: Kampe is ideal for commuters looking to plan their trip two weeks ahead. Kampe is fully loaded with 10 trips sufficient for 10 working days with an estimated fare from N2,000 - N6,500. Kampe

6. Kampe-reloaded: Just like Kampe, individuals can subscribe to a trip plan for the whole month. Kampe-reloaded is fully packed with 20 trips ideal for 20 working days with fare from N4,000 - N13,000. The plan, like others, allows for great flexibility. Users can buy morning and evening plan separately depending on their work schedule. A combination of morning and evening subscription plan would range from N12,000 - N32,000 depending on your travel distance within the city. Kampe Reloaded

Other great and flexible plans you can sign-up for are;

Bi-Mon: 40 Trips for 40 working days priced from N8,000 - N26,000 Bi-Mon

Quartz: 60 Trips for 60 working days priced from N12,000 - N39,000 Quartz.jpeg

The bouquet subscription plan is a great plan to start with if you need a premium transportation experience with Hubryde. You will have access to personalized customer support to follow through with your inquiries, a reliable pick-up and drop-off on your defined route within Lagos metropolis and a comfortable, air-conditioned bus with very convenient seaters.

Now is the time to sign up with the transportation of the future and enjoy a unique travel experience within Lagos.