STRESS MANAGEMENT: 6 ways to cope with stress

STRESS MANAGEMENT: 6 ways to cope with stress

Are the bills never-ending? Are the hours in a day nowhere near enough for your activities? are your career and family responsibilities too demanding? Do you feel you are not in control? Well, you are in a lot more control than you think.

The first step to stress management is to realize that you are in control of your life.

The essence of stress relief is taking charge: taking charge of your emotions, your thoughts, your time, your environment.

The ultimate destination is of stress relief is to balance your life, relationship, relaxation, time for work and the resilience to hold on under pressure and pursue goals optimally.

Identify the sources of your stress stress relief begins with identifying what is causing stress in your life. Your true source of stress is not always obvious. To identify the source of your stress it is important to look at your attitude, habits, and excuses: Is your source of stress temporary? (are you unable to find suitable transportation to your place of work)
Is stress integral to your family or home life?
To identify the causes of stress in your life and decide on how to deal with them. As you keep a daily journal you will notice patterns and common themes.

Think about how you handle stress

Think about the ways you currently handle stress and cope with it.
Unfortunately, a lot of people adopt unhealthy coping mechanisms to handle stress which compounds the problem. Examples of unhealthy ways of handling stress are, smoking, drinking too much, procrastinating, using pills or drugs to relax, taking out your stress on others...etc

Healthy ways of stress management

If your ways of managing stress are not contributing to the greater good of your physical, mental and emotional health then you need to get healthier coping mechanisms.

Learning healthier coping mechanisms require change, you can either change the situation or the way you react to the situation. You can either avoid the stressor, alter the stressor, accept the stressor or adapt to the stressor.

Alter the stressor

if you cannot avoid a stressful situation you should try and alter it. Be assertive, take charge and make your quality of life better by changing how you operate in your daily life, expressing your feelings about whatever is stressing you, be open to compromise and manage your time better.

Avoid the stressor

Not all stress can be avoided and it may be unhealthy to avoid certain kinds of stress but you'd be surprised at the amount of stress you can eliminate in your life. To avoid stress you need to;
Know your limits
Avoid people that stress you out
Avoid controversial topics
Write a to-do list

Adapt to the stressor

If you cannot alter or avoid a stressor you need to alter yourself to adapt to your situation. You can adapt to a situation by managing your attitude, reaction, and expectations Focus on the positive
Focus on the bigger picture
Try to view stressful situations in a more positive light
Adjust your attitude and standards

Accept the stressor

Stress is unavoidable, you cannot change or prevent certain stressors like a national recession, unforeseeable business problems. In such cases acceptance is the only way to handle these kinds of stressors. Do not try to control the uncontrollable
Learn to forgive and move on
Look for an upside
Don't forget to share your feelings

Invest in a healthy lifestyle

The saying "healthy body, healthy mind" holds true in our reality as humans. You can strengthen your mental capacity but instilling physical discipline which will, in turn, help you transfer your anxiety in more positive and productive things.
Eat healthily
Avoid binge drinking
Reduce caffeine and sugar
Create time for sleep and rest