The Hubryde Multi-Pax: Ride and Network on The Go

The Hubryde Multi-Pax: Ride and Network on The Go

In response to the growing challenges in the transportation sector, Hubryde has added a new feather to its cap. The Hubryde Multi-Pax will be launched in a few weeks as one of the brand's innovative approaches to tackle challenges faced by commuters in Lagos state.

The Hubryde Multi-Pax platform is designed for a group of 6-27 people moving in the same direction to connect, plan and share a ride on the same vehicle without spending more than budgeted.

As part of Hubryde's mission to facilitate a safe and efficient transportation system in Nigeria, the thinking cap of the company is always on when creating sustainable platforms that will not only solve the current commuting challenges but will also impact lives.

The Hubryde Multi-Pax promises to build a remarkable community of commuters who would enjoy riding and networking, whilst fostering relationships and creating business opportunities on the go.

New and existing Hubryde users stand a chance to enjoy the flexibility of commuting with their friends, family, colleagues and neighbours on the Multi-Pax platform. More so, commuters will be able to know their travel time to their desired destination.

As a social-oriented brand, Hubryde attached great importance to building a strong community, creating job opportunities, and promoting safety and good health. Hubryde has also shown concern to drive the Sustainable Cities and Communities agenda (The Sustainable Development Goal 11) through the application of innovative technology to urban transportation, and creative coordination of industry-wide operations.

Like the Hubryde personal subscription plans, commuters are assured of safety, comfort, visibility and flexibility.

How Multi-Pax Works:
Follow the steps below to subscribe and join the Multi-Pax platform.

1. Logon to

2. Select subscription plan and click on Buy Now

3. Create an account

4. Set travel details and fund your wallet

5. Click on subscribe, and

6. Assign an admin to manage your Multi-Pax account.

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