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Hubryde Humans Join the amazing team

Are you self-driven, tech-savvy, industrious, with a great passion for life-long learning? Can you sell ice to an eskimo? Do you have a knack for solving complex problems? If you fit into the aforementioned; we would be glad to have you become one of us at the Hub. We recognize, nurture and celebrate exceptional talents. Kindly share your resume or Portfolio in the link below. (include your LinkedIn Url).

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Why choose Us?

FLA(Front-Line Ambassador)

Our FLAs are classy, customer-oriented and devoted to give all commuters on the bus a warm and beautiful commuting-experience. Are you tech-savvy, beautiful/handsome and elegant, communicate effectively with a good sense of ownership, we welcome brilliant minds like you to join our team of FLA’s.

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Why choose Us?

DriverJoin Our Crew of Corporate Drivers

Do you have what it takes to become a Hubryde driver: Tenacity, interpersonal relationship skills, proper understanding of Lagos/Nigeria road networks and landmarks, defensive driving skills and road-sign knowledge? Join our world-class drivers today.

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