Terms and Conditions of H-FORCE

For the purpose of this agreement,

i. “H-FORCE Personnel” also known as the “Referrer” is an individual who refers another to download, subscribe and use Hubryde transportation services.

ii. “Customer” is an individual referred by the “H-FORCE Personnel” and has downloaded, subscribed to a trip plan, or use hubryde transportation services.

iii. “Lead” is an individual referred by the H-FORCE Personnel and has downloaded the Hubryde Customer App but has not subscribed to a trip plan or use Hubryde transportation services.

1. Payment Policy

i. H-FORCE earning is made when a “Customer” buys any of Hubryde’s subscription plans and not when they download the App or request a ride via “Ridesharing” or “Short-hire”. Conversion is strictly tied to the purchase of a subscription plan.

ii. Your H-FORCE earnings can be withdrawn to your bank at any time even if it is 2:00AM in the midnight.

iii. A payment charge of 1.5% applies to your withdrawal amount each time you withdraw your earnings. Please note that Hubryde does not in any way or manner benefit from the charges on withdrawal. This is a third-party cost charged by our payment partners (Flutterwave and Paystack) for using their platform.

iv. H-FORCE payment will be processed within 72 hours of successful withdrawal request. Please note that earnings will be processed faster in a short while as we are working with our payment partners (Flutterwave and Paystack) to reduce processing time to less than 30 minutes.

v. H-FORCE personnel can earn up to 10 times per referral. This implies that, when you refer an individual and he or she buys a subscription plan with your H-FORCE code, you will earn a defined percentage on their subscription plan up to 10 times provided they use your code for the first subscription plan. Note that they do NOT have to use your H-FORCE code every time they subscribe. Once the code is applied on the first subscription plan, you will continue to earn until their subscription plan reaches 10. Kindly refer to the H-FORCE Brochure attached to your onboarding email to know the percentage you will earn each time a Customer buys a subscription plan.

2. H-FORCE personnel should refrain from damaging the reputation of Hubryde and its brands, and shall make no representations, warranties, claims, statements, or agreements which are untrue or inconsistent.

3. Hubryde is entitled to unilaterally implement and amend any marketing guidelines applicable to the Program. Hubryde shall NOT notify You of such amendments. You must adhere to such guidelines.

4. Hubryde can terminate your account upon confirmation of a breach of any of the terms and conditions stated herein WITHOUT paying your earnings.

5. Hubryde shall not be responsible for lost, stolen, misdirected, and inaccurate use of H-FORCE referral code.

6. Creating multiple accounts is PROHIBITED and if detected, entries shall be treated as void and such accounts will be permanently closed.

7. Use of Hubryde Customer App

a. Use of Hubryde Customer App by you remains governed by the applicable terms and conditions for the region you are located in. Please refer to Hubryde terms and conditions.

8. Liability

a. You agree to COMPENSATE Hubryde for any direct or indirect loss or damage arising from or in connection with Your breach of these Terms.

b. You accept that Hubryde is NOT liable for any actual or projected loss of profit which Your participation in the Program may result in.

9. Termination

a. The Terms shall be effective as of Hubryde approving your application and giving You confirmation of such approval.

b. You may terminate the H-FORCE account at any time. Hubryde may terminate your HFORCE account at any time and for any reason at the sole discretion of Hubryde.

c. Hubryde is entitled to immediately terminate the Agreement without giving any advance notice in case You breach the Terms, any applicable laws or regulations, disparage Hubryde, or cause harm to Hubryde's brand, reputation or business as determined by Hubryde in Hubryde’s sole discretion. In the aforementioned cases Hubryde may, at its own discretion, prohibit You from registering a new account in the future.

10. Applicable Law and Court Jurisdiction

a. These Terms shall be governed by and construed and enforced in accordance with the laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. If the respective dispute resulting from the breach of the Terms could not be settled by negotiations, then the dispute shall be solved in any Court of competent jurisdiction within the boundaries of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

11. License and Intellectual Property

Your personal data submitted as at when joining the H-FORCE program shall be stored in the Hubryde database and can be forwarded to the authorities if need be, during the duration of your service to Hubryde.

12. Amendments

a. In order to amend the Terms, Hubryde shall post a revised version on the website and shall NOT notify you in case of material amendments. If You continue to participate in the Program, you shall be deemed to have accepted the revised conditions.

13. Final Provisions

a. Hubryde and You acknowledge and agree that they are dealing with each other hereunder as independent contractors. Nothing contained in this Agreement shall be interpreted as joint venture, employee or partner relationship between the parties or as conferring upon either party the power of authority to bind the other party in any transaction with third parties.

b. If any provision of the Terms is held to be unenforceable, the parties shall substitute for the affected provision an enforceable provision that approximates the intent and economic effect of the affected provision.

c. You are obliged to immediately notify us of any changes to Your contact information.

d. You may not transfer Your rights and obligations deriving from the Terms to any third party