Terms and Conditions of Hubryde Subscription Plan

By checking this box, you accept our terms and conditions of service.

Please note that the terms and conditions stated herein is an extension of the terms of service earlier consented to while signing up.

1. Effective Date

Subscriber will define the Start Date of the subscription on the Mobile App. Effective date does not include Saturday, Sunday, and National Holidays. Any subscription plan created on Weekends and Holidays will automatically be pushed to the nearest workday.

2. Expiry Date

Expiry date will be defined automatically by the system based on the subscription plan and will NOT be extended. The duration of the subscription excludes Saturday, Sunday, and Public holiday.

3. Delete Subscription

Active subscriptions cannot be deleted.

4. Notification

By subscribing to a trip plan, you automatically sign up for in-app and email notification every 6hrs, 1hr, 30mins and 5mins before the pick-up time.

5. Change Pick-up Time

A Subscriber can change the Pick-up Time to a more flexible time 12 hours before the scheduled pick-up time.

6. Waiting Time

Hubryde Bus will only wait for 2 mins at the bus stop. We do not want to delay other passengers.

7. Multiple Seats

A Subscriber can request up to 5 seats on a trip provided his/her subscription balance surpasses or equal the number of seats requested.

8. Default Request

A Subscriber can notify Hubryde of his/her absence on the mobile App 3 hours before the scheduled pick-up time to avoid a 30% penalty fee.

9. Default Limit

This refers to the maximum number of times a Subscriber can submit a Default Request under an active subscription plan.

• Easy-Go: Not Allowed

• 2-Sure (2 Trips) – 2 Working days: 1 Request

• Trois (3 Trips) – 3 Working days: 1 Request

• 5-Aside (5 Trips) – 5 Working days: 2 Requests

• Kampe (10 Trips) – 10 Working days: 4 Requests

• Kampe-reloaded (20 Trips) – 20 Working days: 6 Requests

• Bi-Mon’ (40 Trips) – 40 Working days: 8 Requests

• Quartz (60 Trips) – 60 Working days: 10 Requests

10. Missed Trip

A Subscriber will be charged 30% of the Actual T-fare when he/she misses a trip without prior notice on the App.

11. Penalty Fee

A 30% penalty fee on the current trip applies when the subscriber does not submit a default request and misses his/her trip.

Example: Let’s say A Subscriber was supposed to take a trip from Point A to Point B which costs N500 and he/she misses her trip with no prior notice through the default request channel, the system takes N150 (0.3 * N500 = N150) on that trip.

This is to enable us to cover for the cost of forgoing a trip demand that was available but not considered because the seat was reserved for an active subscriber.

12. Unused Trip

Unused trips after the expiry date will be converted to available fund and returned to Subscriber’s mobile wallet. Example: Assuming a Subscriber buys 5-Aside (5 Trips) – 5 Working days for N2500 and ended up using only 3 trips before expiry date, the remaining trip balance (2 trips) will be converted to cash (N2500/5 * 2 = N1000) and returned to the Subscriber’s mobile wallet.

13. Renew Plan

A Subscriber can renew his/her current subscription plan when he/she exhausts the trips before or after the expiry date.